• Quick Toke: Ice Cream Cake fit for a King
    RC Supply Co Ice Cream Cake is a tasty treat! It is sweet with some spice and super nice. The batch I landed was 24.4% THC and 2.3% terps. Let’s start by talking about the bag appeal… The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.85/5 I was super stoked when I grabbed the 7g bag for $65 at Spiritleaf Little Italy. It felt juicy as soon as I touched the sack. I opened up a fat blossom with 1 large nug, 2 mediums and a few popcorns; honestly, the perfect mix for the money. The smell is dank and hits the moment that zip […]
  • Quick Toke – BC Black – Biscotti Cake – Review
    I can honestly say that I have tried most of the strains BC Black has dropped in Ontario; Landslide, Hawaiian Pineapple and now Biscotti Cake. This cultivar is a cross of biscotti sundae and wedding cake. The bag is super fresh, packaged July 4, 2022 with 2.35% terps and 30% THC. What I really like about BC Black are all of the affiliated growers, and Biscotti Cake was grown by Krazy Krystal. The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.5/5 When I opened the bag its strong aroma hit me immediately, it’s very sweet and very earthy. This particular bag had a 3.25g nug […]

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  • by Nicole Potter
    Senate Bill 288 aims to target criminal justice reform, and if passed it would also allow record sealing and expungement programs for those convicted of possession of cannabis paraphernalia in Ohio. The post Ohio Bill Would Allow Record Sealing, Expungement for Paraphernalia Convictions appeared first on High Times.
  • by Nicole Potter
    The Canadian government has established a panel of five experts to review the country’s Cannabis Act. The post Canada Establishes Expert Panel To Review Cannabis Act appeared first on High Times.
  • by Benjamin M. Adams
    Millions of dollars’ worth of drugs were seized outside of Stockholm in Tyreso, Sweden. The post Police in Sweden Seize Millions in Drugs Outside Capital appeared first on High Times.