• Quick Toke: Ice Cream Cake fit for a King
    RC Supply Co Ice Cream Cake is a tasty treat! It is sweet with some spice and super nice. The batch I landed was 24.4% THC and 2.3% terps. Let’s start by talking about the bag appeal… The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.85/5 I was super stoked when I grabbed the 7g bag for $65 at Spiritleaf Little Italy. It felt juicy as soon as I touched the sack. I opened up a fat blossom with 1 large nug, 2 mediums and a few popcorns; honestly, the perfect mix for the money. The smell is dank and hits the moment that zip […]
  • Quick Toke – BC Black – Biscotti Cake – Review
    I can honestly say that I have tried most of the strains BC Black has dropped in Ontario; Landslide, Hawaiian Pineapple and now Biscotti Cake. This cultivar is a cross of biscotti sundae and wedding cake. The bag is super fresh, packaged July 4, 2022 with 2.35% terps and 30% THC. What I really like about BC Black are all of the affiliated growers, and Biscotti Cake was grown by Krazy Krystal. The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.5/5 When I opened the bag its strong aroma hit me immediately, it’s very sweet and very earthy. This particular bag had a 3.25g nug […]

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