The Cann Man

Hey, it’s Mike (The Cann Man), I am a cannabis enthusiast at heart that has been supporting the legalization of cannabis for more than 20 years in Canada.

I have both experience with recreational cannabis from the legacy market in the past and a great passion for cannabis from the legal market. Being part of a new industry, I believe it is important to continue pushing for change.

We should not just stop with legalization; we need to continue a path of education and understanding for cannabis until the stigmas are gone.

My experience with cannabis began at the age of 15 as a recreational user. Prior to opening a cannabis retail store, I worked for the Federal government of Canada conducting audits and reviews regarding excise duty, which provided a great insiders perspective into the production of cannabis. But now, more than ever, my passion is about education and experience. Learning the way our bodies interact with cannabinoids and why.

My goal is to use my unique experience and knowledge of cannabis to provide new perspectives and understandings that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Jonny Fry

Hi, I’m Jonny Fry and I’ve been consuming Cannabis for almost as long as I can remember (possibly related??)!

I have purchased Cannabis on the rec market, the med market, the grey market, the green market, the homie down the block market, you name it. From flower to concentrates, carts to edibles, I love ’em all.

So why the hell should you care? Well, when Mike reached out to me to discuss writing a blog, what immediately came to mind was a consumer’s perspective. I like to consume cannabis but I’m definitely not an industry insider. What I can do is tell you what I like, what I don’t and why, all from the perspective of a true, long time consumer and lover of all things Cannabis.

And just to set the record straight, I am in no way affiliated with Spiritleaf or any other Cannabis industry. So don’t even ask. I am here for you, people.

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