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What’s What with Weed: Organnicraft’s Platinum Grapes

F to the Yeah! P to the G from the OGC. Platinum Grapes is one of the most anticipated flower drops of 2021. The MSRP is $39.95 for 3.5 grams. Which is very reasonable compared to other strains of similar quality and THC. Let’s get straight to business.

This strain is an indica leaning hybrid cross between Platinum Kush and OG Kush Breath. According to Organnicraft, “Platinum Grapes’ powerful aromas are complimented by beautiful crystal covered flowers, tinged with purple undertones and bright orange accents. This cultivar is specifically grown in small batches, within 500 sqft. grow rooms, using high-quality, salt-based nutrients and tender care—right down to the hand-trimming process.”

The Flower

CM: Damn! Platinum Grapes is one of the most beautiful cannabis flowers I have experienced in the legal market. The grapey, gassy aroma hits immediately and smells incredible. The medium to large size nugs are covered in crystaly trichomes providing the platinum touch. If this tastes and smokes as well as it smells, we may have found the 2021 flower of the year! It brakes up with the consistancy of kinetic sand, which I love to see. Thoughts, Jonny Fry?

JF: While I agree that this Cannabis is beautiful, particularily the spectacular purple hues, I feel like the nose is where this bud really shines. Evoking memories of smells from my childhood like grape bubble tape or Welch’s grape juice this weed is a blast to the past.


The Smoke

CM: Wow! It tastes as much like grapes and gas and all things delicious as it smells. Personally, I love when the cannabinoids lightly numb my tongue on the inhale. The smoke is so smooth and flavourful that I only exhaled because I need oxygen to stay alive. Luckily, there was another puff waiting for my lips.

JF: Again, agreed Cannman. The smoke is smooth and the flavour is absolutely spectacular and comes through both via combustion and in the vape. Not really much more you can ask on this front.

The High

CM: Considering the THC is pushing 29% with over 4% terpenes, it slaps hard but not too hard. And that’s what I love about this high. I definitely get the chill indica vibes but without the couch-lock. For such a heavy hitter, it also has a gentle touch. My only quip with the high is that it faded faster than I would have hoped. However, that might be because my tolerance is through the roof right now.

JF: I think a gentle touch is a nice way of putting it, Cannman. This strain won’t have super high tolerance users (such as myself) blasting off to the moon but will more than do the job for just about anyone else. And for all you daily users that may be chasing the ever elusive couch lock, I assure you the flavour and nose make up for any lack of potency.

The Roach

JF: To say this weed is a winner is an understatement. Visual appeal, nose, flavour? Just take my money, Organnicraft. If they keep pushing out products like this, we are going to be hearing a lot more about our friends from Vernon, BC. What do you think, Cannman?

CM: Can you tell that I love this strain, or nah? I highly recommend this to anyone that can still get their hands on it. It’s strains like these, that will wipe out the illicit market. This stuff is better than gold, it’s platinum!

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.

What’s What with Weed – Gary Payton by Cookies

Another week and we are back for another edition of What’s What with Weed! This time, we are dipping our hands in the Cookie jar to see if the Gary Payton pre-roll is a slam dunk.

The pre-rolls are grown and rolled by Gage Cannabis out of Hamilton, ON. The strain named after NBA all-star Gary Payton, is a hybrid cross of Snowman and Y. Cookies own website describes the aroma as “strong gas with a burnt rubber finish” with a “smooth gas” flavour.

There are a lot of high expectations over these Cookies drops and we have to say that we are intrigued (or suckers, you decide). We have been hearing a lot about these guys (or at least Gage’s American Cookie’s compatriots) over the past few years, both good and bad, so lets dive in and see what’s what.


The High

JF: I was pretty pleased with the high on this pre-roll. It was a hit me with a powerful indica buzz that didn’t put me to sleep. I thought I would try this as an after dinner joint and it ended up being the perfect scenario for this strain.

CM: I really enjoyed this high. I found that it really brought out my creativity and got me writing. I love when I smoke something that unlocks my mind and this high did exactly that. Definitely indica leaning but with creative and uplifting properties. It also slaps fairly hard and hits fast.


The Burn

JF: I was stoked on the burn on this pre-roll. It burned slow, allowed for giant tokes and didn’t canoe in the slightest. I’m sure that there is a lot that goes into making pre-rolls that I don’t understand but I find it mind-boggling when I get a joint that doesn’t smoke well. As a consumer, I am paying a premium for a product that saves me some work and I expect that to deliver. Cookies did not disappoint here!

In terms of smell and taste, I did not get any of the burnt rubber taste that is typically associated with Gary Payton (both legacy and recreationally) but I am not sure that is a bad thing? Typically, I would not want to smoke anything that tastes like burnt rubber but what the hell do I know? Thoughts, Cannman?

Source: Best Dosage

CM: I also found that this pre-roll burned really nicely. Slow but not too slow and definitely allowed for larger hauls. However, after I burned through the first half of the joint, resin started pouring out of the filter. I’m cool with a little resin, but I was getting so much that I had to stop smoking the joint. My lips were covered and even after a nice squeeze into a a napkin and re-light, it continued to pour our resin. I was disappointed with this but it could have been an unlucky anomaly that others hopefully won’t experience.

Agreed Mr. Fry! Burnt rubber sounds like possibly the worst thing anyone could ever want to taste. Though, I believe that burnt rubber is the aroma of the cannabis and not the flavour, thankfully! The flavour was gassy, mild and quite enjoyable.

The Packaging

JF: This pre-roll came in a standard doob tube. I am, personally, a fan of this format. They are easy to open, discrete and reusable. My only second-thought is perhaps the packaging lent to some of the muted rubber taste I noted above but that can be difficult to determine for certain.

CM: I have to disagree with Jonny Fry on the packaging. I am not a fan of plastic doob tubes for premium cannabis products. These tubes are cool for $7-12 pre-rolls but when I’m paying $20 after HST, I want glass or metal. Also, where is the hydro pack? Gage and Cookies need to step up there games. I wouldn’t buy a Ferrari engine with Honda’s Civic’s body, so why should weed be any different? Time to make a change, the market is noticing, believe me!

Source: Gage Cannabis

The Roach

JF: Maybe it’s the time of year or the oversized joint of Ultra Sour I smoked this morning but this week’s review has left me pondering the metaphysical conundrum that is the recreational cannabis market. With a price point up around $20 a gram, are we paying for the Cookies name? Of course… but the product itself is pretty darn good too! So, I guess, if you have some extras holiday loot, giver ‘er a shot but I’m not sure I will be rushing out to grab these again anytime soon.

CM: I am cool with paying $20 for a gram of high quality cannabis in a pre-roll, but I want more from the packaging. Maybe something sustainable with a hydrating pack? However, the high was incredible and I loved how creative it made me. I agree with Jonny Fry, that it’s more expensive, but so is a really nice bottle of wine. If you have a few extra bucks, treat yourself with a jar from Cookies.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.

battle of the blunts

What’s What with Weed # 2 – Battle of the Blunts

Hey y’all, its your boys, the Cannman and Jonny Fry, reporting in for another addition of What’s What with Weed. On the agenda this week is…BLUNTS!!!!

For the two of us, Blunts are reminiscent of our younger days, running around the streets of Toronto, a pack of Phillies or Century Sams in your backpack. It was a ritual, one that extended beyond our respective circle of friends. All you had to do was tune into any of the hip-hop music coming out at the time and you just knew what was up. Anyway, enough reminiscing. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

A couple of thoughts before we get to the two products, we are looking at this week. Traditionally, a Blunt is a cigar that has had the tobacco removed and the wrap refilled with Cannabis and rolled. As we all know, due to strict tobacco consumption laws in Canada/Ontario, you cannot purchase Cannabis wrapped in tobacco (for better or worse, although a completely different conversation) via the OCS. And as this is an article aimed at looking at Ontario’s recreational market, we are a bit handcuffed. SO…for the purposes of this blog, we will be looking at two products marketed as Blunts, do a quick comparison of the products and see if they stack up as “Blunts”.

Let the battle of the Blunts begin!

Cake Pops BLNT


First up, we have BLK MKT’s Cake Pops BLNT. According to the OCS, BLK MKT’s Cake Pops BLNT are 100% all-natural hemp wraps, centrifuge filled with the Indica-dominant Cake Pop (Blow Pop X Wedding Cake). The site also notes flavours of sweetness and gas.

JF: To begin, I did notice an overwhelming chocolatey, sweetness scent right out of the packaging. Unfortunately, I did not find that this sweetness transferred over well during the actual smoking of the product. That being said, the smoke was very smooth so not all was lost.

The BLNT itself was rolled perfectly. It burned slowly and evenly with a nice white ash. In my humble opinion, this is an incredibly important factor when assessing the quality of a Blunt. Smoking a Blunt should be an experience to be savoured, not rushed. The Cake Pops BLNT did not disappoint on this front. BLK MRKT can also take pride in understanding that a Blunt should be BIG. Anything less than a gram of Cannabis and it feels like something is missing. Again, I view a Blunt as an experience, not something to be rushed, so larger amounts of Cannabis are my preference.

My only beef with this product would have to be the potency. With a slow-burning, 1 gram blunt smoked to the dome (as the kids say), I was expecting to be lit like a metaphorical Christmas tree. Chill? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Smashed? No.

Source: Reddit

CM: I have to agree with Jonny Fry that the Cake Pops BLNT from BLK MRKT is smooth. Although it is a 1 gram cone, I had no trouble enjoying the entire blunt to my face (possibly because I love weed, but who knows). I also agree that it doesn’t taste as sweet and cakey as it smells; though, I will attribute this to the blunt wrap. Flavoured wraps of any kind will blanket a lot of the terps from the weed. So I won’t be overly critical of this because it’s expected when smoking a blunt.

On that note, this blunt does not have an overwhelming cigar tobacco flavour, which I enjoyed. It tasted just enough like tobacco without too many artificial tobacco flavours to make it gitchy. I also believe this contributed to the smooth smoke on the inhale and the nice flavour on the exhale.

I also agree with Jonny Fry that this baby does not slap. However, the high is enjoyable and has a calming, Indica buzz. Perfect for relaxing after a long day but not something that will take you to the next level.

Benny Blunto

Next up, we have the Loud Plug’s Benny Blunto pre-rolls. These bad-boys come in a pack of 3 0.5 gram blunts of the potent Indica dominant hybrid, LA Kush. The THC on for the Benny’s comes in at a great range of 22-28%.

JF: Similar to BLK MKT’s BLNT, there is a sweetness to this product, right out of the gate. The flavour transferred to the smoke quite well and left a pleasant sweet aftertaste in my mouth. The smoke was smooth and the ash was white as snow.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel like a Blunt isn’t a Blunt unless it is a gram in size at least, so I was a bit surprised to see that these came in such a small (0.5 gram) format. They did burn evenly and slowly but was just a bit undersized for my taste. Nevertheless, what these Blunts lack in size, they make up for in potency. Each one of these lil’ guys gave me a nice strong Indica high that was almost perfect for ending my evening. If these were available in a larger format, they would almost always be in my rotation.

Source: Reddit

CM: LA Kush in a blunt sounds pretty perfect. It has a sweet and gassy terp profile with a strong THC finish. Although I disagree with Jonny Fry that these bad boys are smooth. I found them harsh and had trouble finishing even half of a 0.5g pre-roll. I was coughing every 2-3 puffs and that was really disappointing. In my opinion, although the THC is high, the quality of the flower may not be. Which is disappointing from The Loud Plug, as I like their products. However, this one feels like they just threw whatever weed they had available into a blunt.

Furthermore, the wrap itself has a lot of artificial tobacco flavour. I couldn’t taste the weed at all (which is fine for a blunt), only what tasted like low-quality tobacco terps. This ruined the blunt for me and I would recommend that the producers pull way back on whatever terps they use to flavour the Benny’s.

The one thing I have to give kudos for is that these blunts do slap! Even though I only smoked about 0.25g of cannabis, I was flying high. The nearly 24% THC in the batch I got does not miss on the heavy hitter factor.

Final Thoughts:

JF: Although these are technically not actually Blunts (by definition), I think we have some solid products on our hands here, Cann Man. I would recommend BLK MRKT’s Cake Pops BLNT to a medium tolerance user who was looking for a more authentic “Blunt” experience. That being said, if you like your weed potent and don’t mind the smaller format, Benny Blunto may be right up your alley.

As we are seeing, there are quickly becoming more and more products out there for everyone. Neither of these are the exact fit for me personally but hey, maybe you’ll get to be Goldylocks and one of these will be “just right” for you.

CM: Smoking weed for me is not only about getting high but also the experience. That being said, the BLK MRKT Cake Pops BLNT was vastly superior to the Benny Blunto’s. However, as Jonny Fry said, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something that is close to a true blunt experience, it’s the Cake Pops, hands down! But, if you just want to get high AF and don’t care about experience, the Benny Blunto’s have your back.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.

Describe Uplifting buzz from cannabis

What’s What with Weed: 314 Pure Blend Review

Hi all, its your boys Jonny Fry and the Cann Man checking in with our first installation of What’s What with Weed. Before we dive in, we just wanted to quickly explain what it is we are doing here. As an industry professional (Cann Man) and some dude who smokes way too much weed (Jonny Fry), we have some fairly dissenting views on products, industry news, etc. What’s good for business, may not be good for business, if you catch my drift. So, we thought we would sit down each week to sort out What’s What with Weed. First up, 314 Pure Cannabis Blend Pre-rolls.

According to the 314 Pure website, these pre-rolls are the “finest small-batch craft cannabis, we infuse the flower with solventless dry sift extracts to reach soaring THC levels never before seen in individual rolls.” They come in a pack of 4 x 0.5-gram pre-roll format and are packed with a Boost hydro for freshness. The THC is listed at a whopping 36.1%.


The High

CM: The first thing I want to talk about is the high. I sparked this baby on my walk to Longo’s to grab some Friday night snacks. Let me tell you, these bad boys slap! At first, I wondered, am I too high for this right now?

Then I walked into the brightly lit grocery store, and my eyes opened wide. Suddenly, I was floating and feeling fantastic. I even started singing along with the Christmas music playing over the speakers. Normally, I like to get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible, but I had none of my usual anxieties. I wasn’t worried about what anyone thought and could just enjoy being myself. As my girl Lizzo says, I was “feeling good as hell.” Although the THC is north of 36% and hits hard, I would describe the buzz as calmly uplifting and a lot of fun.

JF: As much as I wanted to start of this article series with a controversial, hot take, I have to say I agree with the Cann Man. I am not a lover of hybrids particularly, but this high was positive, even-keeled and, most importantly for me, POTENT.

While I am always skeptical about the quality of the flower that goes into pre-rolls, this batch was definitely on point in terms of potency. If only, 314 would tell us exactly what strain(s) are in these things…

I would recommend keeping these bad boys to the evening unless you are a really high tolerance user. If not, you may end up wasting a big chunk of your day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Source: CBC Canada

The Packaging

CM: The rolls themselves look average, packed in a standard white container. When opening them up, it doesn’t look like anything special. They smell nice, but again, not so aromatic that you get excited to smoke them.

JF: “Standard white container” may be one way of putting it, Cann Man. I have a bit of a bone to pick with the packaging. I have to question the seal on the pack, as the joints I received were pretty dry despite a pack date of late October and the inclusion of an integra boost pack. It feels like more time and attention was given to keeping children out of these things than properly storing the product itself. I agree the safety of children is paramount but can we also protect the product? We are in year three of legalization, and packaging that protects children, the natural environment and the product itself, is a standard worth driving towards. For me, this packaging isn’t quite there.


The Burn

CM: I took the tip from 314 Pure’s website and lit the “wick” allowing it to light the cannabis slowly. The smoke was smooth with a light citrus flavour. The joint burned evenly and did not need to be re-lit, even in the cold, windy weather. Overall, I was impressed with the burn and flavour profile.

JF: As for the burn of the joints themselves, I also got little to no aroma before lighting. This is a bit disappointing and possibly related to the packaging issues noted above. That being said, the joints had a nice greasy ring, white/speckled grey ash and burned long and slow for 0.5’s, so I was quite pleased. Two of the four joints did clog slightly but a few strong hoots and we were back in business. I got a bit of the citrus notes mentioned by the Cann Man, as well as fleeting hints of Diesel. Again, would be awesome to have some strain info. Overall, solid burn even if there was a bit of clogging on my end.

The Roach

CM: I have to agree with the producer’s description that the Blend pre-rolls are quality in both flower and kief. There’s a reason you pay more for something craft and unique like this. I’m going to say it… these are the best 30% THC + pre-rolls on the Canadian cannabis market to date. Prove me wrong!

I highly recommend these for all of your holiday parties because they’re the perfect uplifting buzz that will certainly help you enjoy this season to the fullest.

JF: Although I may be a bit more skeptical than my buddy the Cann Man, I have to say, these do give me hope for the future of so-called, “infused” pre-rolls.

With an excellent potency and a slow burn, this is a product that can satisfy both new and seasoned consumers alike, depending on your preferences. Just remember, these things slap…so if you can’t handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

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