I can honestly say that I have tried most of the strains BC Black has dropped in Ontario; Landslide, Hawaiian Pineapple and now Biscotti Cake. This cultivar is a cross of biscotti sundae and wedding cake. The bag is super fresh, packaged July 4, 2022 with 2.35% terps and 30% THC. What I really like about BC Black are all of the affiliated growers, and Biscotti Cake was grown by Krazy Krystal.

source: bcblack.ca

The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.5/5

When I opened the bag its strong aroma hit me immediately, it’s very sweet and very earthy. This particular bag had a 3.25g nug that made up most of the eighth. The grind was a little disappointing, as it didn’t fluff up the way I expected it to. Although, the dry toke was full of sweet flavours and it’s easy to understand why these cultivars are called cakes.

The Burn: 4.25/5

Ive smoke 5 joints from this bag and the sweet flavonoids continued through each jay while it burned. It lost some points because each joint did burned slightly uneven. Not a canoe effect but the flower seemed to burn slightly faster than the paper. However, the taste and effects made up for the minor imperfection.

source: bcblack.ca

The Buzz: 4.75/5

Where this stuff lacked a little in the burn it makes up for in the buzz. It is a true indica that melts my body and mind. However, it’s not so head heavy that you can’t do anything at all. At 30% THC, it hits right in its weight class and this strain is not for people who aren’t accustomed to smoking strong cannabis. Another characteristic I really enjoyed is the creative vibes that came along with it. If you’re a creator that likes to smoke weed before you get to work, this flower is for you.

The Roach: 90/100

I really enjoyed this buzz, it hit me just right after a long day at the office. If you get a chance, this Biscotti Cake is most certainly worth a try, along with anything else that comes from this collection of growers. I would place BC Black amongst the top 10-15 cannabis producers in the Canadian market. 2 years ago, this might not be a great spot, but with so many amazing producers now, that still makes Joint Venture Craft Cannabis one of the best!

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man.

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