RC Supply Co Ice Cream Cake is a tasty treat! It is sweet with some spice and super nice. The batch I landed was 24.4% THC and 2.3% terps. Let’s start by talking about the bag appeal…

ice cream cake cannabis nugget
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The Nose/Appeal/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.85/5

I was super stoked when I grabbed the 7g bag for $65 at Spiritleaf Little Italy. It felt juicy as soon as I touched the sack. I opened up a fat blossom with 1 large nug, 2 mediums and a few popcorns; honestly, the perfect mix for the money. The smell is dank and hits the moment that zip pops open. It’s sweet on the nose and with a light minty smoothness that glides over my pallet. The grind was perfectly frothy and reminded me of kinetic sand.

milled cannabis ice cream cake strain review
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The Burn 4.8/5

It burned as smoothly as it smelled and the ash was almost entirely white. The flavours on the pallet transfer over perfectly from its aromatic appeal. It lasts throughout the joint and you get a decent but not overly dense buildup of resin.

joint burning ice cream cake strain review
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The Buzz 4.75

I’m feeling laid back but energetic at the same time. My mind is vivid and my body is chill. Feel a little like I’m floating and laying on the couch is sounding better by the minute. The flower is labeled as hybrid but my thoughts would be that it leans closer to 60-70% indica.

The Roach 96/100

Absolutely fantastic flower, all around! Great mix of buds, outstanding aroma, taste and mouthfeel. A very clean burn which means they cured this stuff properly too! RC Supply Co Ice Cream Cake is most certainly my favorite 7g bag of cannabis to date. I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of a trend for $65 Quads!

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