Quick Toke: Pistol and Paris, Orange Tingz

I am sometimes lucky enough to receive free samples from licensed cannabis producers for the purpose of creating product familiarity for myself and my cannabis staff. Recently, that luck meant a 1 gram sample of Orange Tingz from Pistol and Paris (LOT # CC28FEB2022.001 – packaged February 28, 2022) and somehow still as fresh as daisy picked this morning.

Nose/Grind/Dry Toke: 4.75/5

The flower had a strong and wonderful orange/citrus aroma when opening the jar. It grinds perfectly like kinetic sand and rolls up tightly. The dry toke reminded me of an orange creamsicle which I couldn’t get enough of. I must have taken 20 or 30 dry tokes before I finally lit this joint.

The Smoke: 4.75/5

It smoked as nicely as I imagined after a great grind, roll and dry toke too. The flavor of orange and citrus remain constant throughout the joint and only dissipated slightly as it got closer to the roach.

Source: pistolandparis.com

The Buzz: 4.5/5

At approximately 26% THC and 3.26% terps, I expected this flower to slap… and it does. I rolled a 0.55 gram joint and only smoked 3/4ths of the joint before I was feeling the effects. This weed smokes above it’s THC percentage and the high lasted longer than many. I was floating in the clouds and it helped me leave my worries behind.

The Roach & Overall Score: 93/100

This cannabis would pair perfectly with a Collective Project, Blood Orange Yuzu and Vanilla. It has all of the orange and creamy tones in the aroma, dry toke and hot yiff. The high was relaxing and definitely felt more like an indica, but not so heavy that I went into couch-lock. In my opinion, this is some of the best cannabis flower being produced in Canada right now. Let’s hope this trend continues.

the cannman

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.



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  1. Highleebuducated1970

    This is also one of my fAv’z!!! Lucky enough to have found 3 seeds and 2 are currentLEE growing very very well! Great review and hole heartedLEE agree ✌️😎💨💨💨

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