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The OCS Problem – Why the Illegal Cannabis Market’s Thriving…

The OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) acts as both the wholesaler for cannabis retailers and an online retail store. This creates a direct conflict of interest. They also have huge markups for both wholesale and retail customers. Could this be why the illegal market is still thriving in Ontario? Let’s dig into the facts a little more… 

Management’s Role

The primary role of any manager is to implement strategies that return as much profit as possible. Which is problematic for the OCS. The manager responsible for retail sales wants to generate as many online sales as possible. Similarly, the manager responsible for wholesale is doing the same, and now the two OCS managers are in a direct conflict. Who wins when there is a huge demand for a product? How much does OCS retain for retail sales? These are the difficult questions that the industry would like to see answered open and honestly. 

Source: https://www.leafly.ca/news/cannabis-101

Is OCS delivery needed?

Prior to the pandemic, the OCS was the only way to legally order cannabis online. However, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) changed its regulations, allowing home delivery for retailers. Now that cannabis stores have implemented delivery systems, the AGCO has kindly continued to allow cannabis delivery. So why do we need OCS to deliver? There are definitely some rural areas in Ontario where it might be difficult to find a retail store within driving distance. A simple solution would be allowing cannabis stores to sell cannabis in Ontario by mail, the same way the OCS does. Problem Solved!

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OCS Retail

After reviewing their financial statements for the year ended 2020, retail sales were $75 million. Or roughly to 25% of their $300 million in total revenue. With approximately 1,000 cannabis stores in Ontario open to date, these sales would increase each store’s revenue by more than $75,000 annually.  


Doesn’t Doug Ford regard Ontario as “Open for Business”? He also claims to be a huge supporter of small businesses. So, without costing the taxpayers a dime, he could provide cannabis retailers with more than $75K in annual revenue? What a hero he would be for small cannabis retailers. Fair-well OCS!

* The opinions in this article are solely the writers’ and are not associated with any cannabis brand or company.

The OCS Problem – Why the illegal cannabis market’s thriving

Cannabis 101 – Everything You Need to Know for Beginners.

The Roll

F yeah, it’s another blog about cannabis! Though I’m hoping to give you some information that you might not have known about; such as, terpenes, and how CBD becomes more effective with THC because of the entourage effect. I will also touch the surface of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids in general. With that, let’s roll right into it!

Endocannabinoid System

Did you know that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptors that are specifically in place to receive cannabinoids? This intrigues me because the human body does not have such a specific system for receiving alcohol or many other pharmaceutical drugs. Usually, our livers filter what they can, and our body gets what is left over. However, the endocannabinoid system receives and delivers the effects of various cannabinoids to our bodies exactly as they were meant to be consumed.


Cannabinoids are the psychoactive ingredients that many of us know, such as THC and CBD. These cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system to make us feel the effects of cannabis.


Let’s start with the obvious, Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. This cannabinoid is the most popular and arguably the most psychoactive ingredient in cannabis because it is what makes you feel high. However, it is not the only factor in how you feel when you consume cannabis.


If we compare cannabis to music, THC would be the volume; terpenes are the genre. Finding the right terpene profile for yourself is likely more important than shopping for a percentage of THC. Terpenes or Terps are also what give each cannabis strain its own unique smell and flavour profile. Terpenes are found in all types of plants and are especially high in fruit, which combines with natural sugars to give them their delicious taste and scent. And just like fruit, every person individually likes and dislikes to their preference. So how do you know which Terpene profile is best for you? Truthfully, doing some research into various terpenes can help you decide, but it often comes down to the old method of trial and error.


Personally, my favourite cannabinoid is CBD (Cannabidiol). Commonly and mistakenly referred to as the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. However, that is false because CBD has a calming effect, telling our brains to chill, and therefore is psychoactive. Several studies and I agree from my own personal experiences, show that CBD becomes more effective when it contains at least some THC. This is due to the phenomenon referred to as the entourage effect. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your CBD and you are comfortable consuming THC, I highly recommend it.

The Roach

To summarize, more than 60 cannabinoid compounds are found in cannabis, and they each have a unique psychoactive effect on the human body. Each cannabis strain has its own distinctive profile of flavours, smells and ways of making us feel. So, next time you want to consume some cannabis flower, think about what you are looking for and try to find a strain that matches that. Or don’t, and just get high and enjoy. No judgement here!

  • Mike Catalfamo (The Cann Man)
  • @the.cann.man

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