Hey y’all, its your boys, the Cannman and Jonny Fry, reporting in for another addition of What’s What with Weed. On the agenda this week is…BLUNTS!!!!

For the two of us, Blunts are reminiscent of our younger days, running around the streets of Toronto, a pack of Phillies or Century Sams in your backpack. It was a ritual, one that extended beyond our respective circle of friends. All you had to do was tune into any of the hip-hop music coming out at the time and you just knew what was up. Anyway, enough reminiscing. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

A couple of thoughts before we get to the two products, we are looking at this week. Traditionally, a Blunt is a cigar that has had the tobacco removed and the wrap refilled with Cannabis and rolled. As we all know, due to strict tobacco consumption laws in Canada/Ontario, you cannot purchase Cannabis wrapped in tobacco (for better or worse, although a completely different conversation) via the OCS. And as this is an article aimed at looking at Ontario’s recreational market, we are a bit handcuffed. SO…for the purposes of this blog, we will be looking at two products marketed as Blunts, do a quick comparison of the products and see if they stack up as “Blunts”.

Let the battle of the Blunts begin!

Cake Pops BLNT

Source: Ocs.ca

First up, we have BLK MKT’s Cake Pops BLNT. According to the OCS, BLK MKT’s Cake Pops BLNT are 100% all-natural hemp wraps, centrifuge filled with the Indica-dominant Cake Pop (Blow Pop X Wedding Cake). The site also notes flavours of sweetness and gas.

JF: To begin, I did notice an overwhelming chocolatey, sweetness scent right out of the packaging. Unfortunately, I did not find that this sweetness transferred over well during the actual smoking of the product. That being said, the smoke was very smooth so not all was lost.

The BLNT itself was rolled perfectly. It burned slowly and evenly with a nice white ash. In my humble opinion, this is an incredibly important factor when assessing the quality of a Blunt. Smoking a Blunt should be an experience to be savoured, not rushed. The Cake Pops BLNT did not disappoint on this front. BLK MRKT can also take pride in understanding that a Blunt should be BIG. Anything less than a gram of Cannabis and it feels like something is missing. Again, I view a Blunt as an experience, not something to be rushed, so larger amounts of Cannabis are my preference.

My only beef with this product would have to be the potency. With a slow-burning, 1 gram blunt smoked to the dome (as the kids say), I was expecting to be lit like a metaphorical Christmas tree. Chill? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Smashed? No.

Source: Reddit

CM: I have to agree with Jonny Fry that the Cake Pops BLNT from BLK MRKT is smooth. Although it is a 1 gram cone, I had no trouble enjoying the entire blunt to my face (possibly because I love weed, but who knows). I also agree that it doesn’t taste as sweet and cakey as it smells; though, I will attribute this to the blunt wrap. Flavoured wraps of any kind will blanket a lot of the terps from the weed. So I won’t be overly critical of this because it’s expected when smoking a blunt.

On that note, this blunt does not have an overwhelming cigar tobacco flavour, which I enjoyed. It tasted just enough like tobacco without too many artificial tobacco flavours to make it gitchy. I also believe this contributed to the smooth smoke on the inhale and the nice flavour on the exhale.

I also agree with Jonny Fry that this baby does not slap. However, the high is enjoyable and has a calming, Indica buzz. Perfect for relaxing after a long day but not something that will take you to the next level.

Benny Blunto

Next up, we have the Loud Plug’s Benny Blunto pre-rolls. These bad-boys come in a pack of 3 0.5 gram blunts of the potent Indica dominant hybrid, LA Kush. The THC on for the Benny’s comes in at a great range of 22-28%.

JF: Similar to BLK MKT’s BLNT, there is a sweetness to this product, right out of the gate. The flavour transferred to the smoke quite well and left a pleasant sweet aftertaste in my mouth. The smoke was smooth and the ash was white as snow.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel like a Blunt isn’t a Blunt unless it is a gram in size at least, so I was a bit surprised to see that these came in such a small (0.5 gram) format. They did burn evenly and slowly but was just a bit undersized for my taste. Nevertheless, what these Blunts lack in size, they make up for in potency. Each one of these lil’ guys gave me a nice strong Indica high that was almost perfect for ending my evening. If these were available in a larger format, they would almost always be in my rotation.

Source: Reddit

CM: LA Kush in a blunt sounds pretty perfect. It has a sweet and gassy terp profile with a strong THC finish. Although I disagree with Jonny Fry that these bad boys are smooth. I found them harsh and had trouble finishing even half of a 0.5g pre-roll. I was coughing every 2-3 puffs and that was really disappointing. In my opinion, although the THC is high, the quality of the flower may not be. Which is disappointing from The Loud Plug, as I like their products. However, this one feels like they just threw whatever weed they had available into a blunt.

Furthermore, the wrap itself has a lot of artificial tobacco flavour. I couldn’t taste the weed at all (which is fine for a blunt), only what tasted like low-quality tobacco terps. This ruined the blunt for me and I would recommend that the producers pull way back on whatever terps they use to flavour the Benny’s.

The one thing I have to give kudos for is that these blunts do slap! Even though I only smoked about 0.25g of cannabis, I was flying high. The nearly 24% THC in the batch I got does not miss on the heavy hitter factor.

Final Thoughts:

JF: Although these are technically not actually Blunts (by definition), I think we have some solid products on our hands here, Cann Man. I would recommend BLK MRKT’s Cake Pops BLNT to a medium tolerance user who was looking for a more authentic “Blunt” experience. That being said, if you like your weed potent and don’t mind the smaller format, Benny Blunto may be right up your alley.

As we are seeing, there are quickly becoming more and more products out there for everyone. Neither of these are the exact fit for me personally but hey, maybe you’ll get to be Goldylocks and one of these will be “just right” for you.

CM: Smoking weed for me is not only about getting high but also the experience. That being said, the BLK MRKT Cake Pops BLNT was vastly superior to the Benny Blunto’s. However, as Jonny Fry said, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something that is close to a true blunt experience, it’s the Cake Pops, hands down! But, if you just want to get high AF and don’t care about experience, the Benny Blunto’s have your back.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.