Another week and we are back for another edition of What’s What with Weed! This time, we are dipping our hands in the Cookie jar to see if the Gary Payton pre-roll is a slam dunk.

The pre-rolls are grown and rolled by Gage Cannabis out of Hamilton, ON. The strain named after NBA all-star Gary Payton, is a hybrid cross of Snowman and Y. Cookies own website describes the aroma as “strong gas with a burnt rubber finish” with a “smooth gas” flavour.

There are a lot of high expectations over these Cookies drops and we have to say that we are intrigued (or suckers, you decide). We have been hearing a lot about these guys (or at least Gage’s American Cookie’s compatriots) over the past few years, both good and bad, so lets dive in and see what’s what.


The High

JF: I was pretty pleased with the high on this pre-roll. It was a hit me with a powerful indica buzz that didn’t put me to sleep. I thought I would try this as an after dinner joint and it ended up being the perfect scenario for this strain.

CM: I really enjoyed this high. I found that it really brought out my creativity and got me writing. I love when I smoke something that unlocks my mind and this high did exactly that. Definitely indica leaning but with creative and uplifting properties. It also slaps fairly hard and hits fast.


The Burn

JF: I was stoked on the burn on this pre-roll. It burned slow, allowed for giant tokes and didn’t canoe in the slightest. I’m sure that there is a lot that goes into making pre-rolls that I don’t understand but I find it mind-boggling when I get a joint that doesn’t smoke well. As a consumer, I am paying a premium for a product that saves me some work and I expect that to deliver. Cookies did not disappoint here!

In terms of smell and taste, I did not get any of the burnt rubber taste that is typically associated with Gary Payton (both legacy and recreationally) but I am not sure that is a bad thing? Typically, I would not want to smoke anything that tastes like burnt rubber but what the hell do I know? Thoughts, Cannman?

Source: Best Dosage

CM: I also found that this pre-roll burned really nicely. Slow but not too slow and definitely allowed for larger hauls. However, after I burned through the first half of the joint, resin started pouring out of the filter. I’m cool with a little resin, but I was getting so much that I had to stop smoking the joint. My lips were covered and even after a nice squeeze into a a napkin and re-light, it continued to pour our resin. I was disappointed with this but it could have been an unlucky anomaly that others hopefully won’t experience.

Agreed Mr. Fry! Burnt rubber sounds like possibly the worst thing anyone could ever want to taste. Though, I believe that burnt rubber is the aroma of the cannabis and not the flavour, thankfully! The flavour was gassy, mild and quite enjoyable.

The Packaging

JF: This pre-roll came in a standard doob tube. I am, personally, a fan of this format. They are easy to open, discrete and reusable. My only second-thought is perhaps the packaging lent to some of the muted rubber taste I noted above but that can be difficult to determine for certain.

CM: I have to disagree with Jonny Fry on the packaging. I am not a fan of plastic doob tubes for premium cannabis products. These tubes are cool for $7-12 pre-rolls but when I’m paying $20 after HST, I want glass or metal. Also, where is the hydro pack? Gage and Cookies need to step up there games. I wouldn’t buy a Ferrari engine with Honda’s Civic’s body, so why should weed be any different? Time to make a change, the market is noticing, believe me!

Source: Gage Cannabis

The Roach

JF: Maybe it’s the time of year or the oversized joint of Ultra Sour I smoked this morning but this week’s review has left me pondering the metaphysical conundrum that is the recreational cannabis market. With a price point up around $20 a gram, are we paying for the Cookies name? Of course… but the product itself is pretty darn good too! So, I guess, if you have some extras holiday loot, giver ‘er a shot but I’m not sure I will be rushing out to grab these again anytime soon.

CM: I am cool with paying $20 for a gram of high quality cannabis in a pre-roll, but I want more from the packaging. Maybe something sustainable with a hydrating pack? However, the high was incredible and I loved how creative it made me. I agree with Jonny Fry, that it’s more expensive, but so is a really nice bottle of wine. If you have a few extra bucks, treat yourself with a jar from Cookies.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.