I’m stoked to introduce you all to the newest kid on the blog, Jonny Fry.

Not only is Jon a very good friend of mine but also the most knowledgeable cannabis user that I know. Jonny Fry will be a regular contributor on The Cann Man’s website with his unique takes on cannabis and the legal cannabis industry in Canada. Please check out his bio below and stay tuned for our joint reviews… pun intended!

Jonny Fry’s Bio

Hi, I’m Jonny Fry and I’ve been consuming Cannabis for almost as long as I can remember (possibly related??)!

I have purchased Cannabis on the rec market, the med market, the grey market, the green market, the homie down the block market, you name it. From flower to concentrates, carts to edibles, I love ’em all.

So why the hell should you care? Well, when Mike reached out to me to discuss writing a blog, what immediately came to mind was a consumer’s perspective. I like to consume cannabis but I’m definitely not an industry insider. What I can do is tell you what I like, what I don’t and why, all from the perspective of a true, long time consumer and lover of all things Cannabis.

And just to set the record straight, I am in no way affiliated with Spiritleaf or any other Cannabis industry. So don’t even ask. I am here for you, people.

Jonny Fry
The Guy, Jonny Fry