F to the Yeah! P to the G from the OGC. Platinum Grapes is one of the most anticipated flower drops of 2021. The MSRP is $39.95 for 3.5 grams. Which is very reasonable compared to other strains of similar quality and THC. Let’s get straight to business.

This strain is an indica leaning hybrid cross between Platinum Kush and OG Kush Breath. According to Organnicraft, “Platinum Grapes’ powerful aromas are complimented by beautiful crystal covered flowers, tinged with purple undertones and bright orange accents. This cultivar is specifically grown in small batches, within 500 sqft. grow rooms, using high-quality, salt-based nutrients and tender care—right down to the hand-trimming process.”

The Flower

CM: Damn! Platinum Grapes is one of the most beautiful cannabis flowers I have experienced in the legal market. The grapey, gassy aroma hits immediately and smells incredible. The medium to large size nugs are covered in crystaly trichomes providing the platinum touch. If this tastes and smokes as well as it smells, we may have found the 2021 flower of the year! It brakes up with the consistancy of kinetic sand, which I love to see. Thoughts, Jonny Fry?

JF: While I agree that this Cannabis is beautiful, particularily the spectacular purple hues, I feel like the nose is where this bud really shines. Evoking memories of smells from my childhood like grape bubble tape or Welch’s grape juice this weed is a blast to the past.

Source: Organnicraft.ca

The Smoke

CM: Wow! It tastes as much like grapes and gas and all things delicious as it smells. Personally, I love when the cannabinoids lightly numb my tongue on the inhale. The smoke is so smooth and flavourful that I only exhaled because I need oxygen to stay alive. Luckily, there was another puff waiting for my lips.

JF: Again, agreed Cannman. The smoke is smooth and the flavour is absolutely spectacular and comes through both via combustion and in the vape. Not really much more you can ask on this front.

The High

CM: Considering the THC is pushing 29% with over 4% terpenes, it slaps hard but not too hard. And that’s what I love about this high. I definitely get the chill indica vibes but without the couch-lock. For such a heavy hitter, it also has a gentle touch. My only quip with the high is that it faded faster than I would have hoped. However, that might be because my tolerance is through the roof right now.

JF: I think a gentle touch is a nice way of putting it, Cannman. This strain won’t have super high tolerance users (such as myself) blasting off to the moon but will more than do the job for just about anyone else. And for all you daily users that may be chasing the ever elusive couch lock, I assure you the flavour and nose make up for any lack of potency.

The Roach

JF: To say this weed is a winner is an understatement. Visual appeal, nose, flavour? Just take my money, Organnicraft. If they keep pushing out products like this, we are going to be hearing a lot more about our friends from Vernon, BC. What do you think, Cannman?

CM: Can you tell that I love this strain, or nah? I highly recommend this to anyone that can still get their hands on it. It’s strains like these, that will wipe out the illicit market. This stuff is better than gold, it’s platinum!

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.