Lift & Co Expo

The 2021 Lift and Co. Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is Canada’s largest gathering for industry partners and consumers. This year had many guest speakers, some great vendors and fun parties. But as always, it’s all about the people.


The Speakers

This years’ speakers had some interesting topics such as Economic Analysis, Raising Capital, Business Growth, US Legalization. My only recommendation would be to bring in a guest speaker that everyone would come to see. Seth Rogan, for example, is both a Hollywood star and true cannabis professional. As the owner of a successful Houseplant brand in the US, his presence could have attracted a lot more attention and brought awareness to the industry. At the same time, with the recent announcement of Houseplant’s departure from the Canadian market, maybe now isn’t the best time.

The Vendors

Some really great companies this year with so many amazing innovations and modern high-tech equipment offerings. But where were all the retailers? This year, cannabis retail stores only participated as customers. Although it could have been a great opportunity for Spiritleaf and others to grow their brands. That being said, great connections and new friendships were made. I also developed some new and exciting ideas moving forward. So with that, I still consider the event a success.

The Parties

The parties! Yes. So many and so much fun. I would like to thank Dutchie for blowing the roof off with a Kardinal Official after party. Big shout out to Tremblant Cannabis for the amazing hospitality as well as the best hash in Ontario! But like I said before, it goes back to the people.

Source: Donnelly Group

The People

This industry has a lot of incredible people with some amazing ideas. The future is going to be fun! The most memorable moment was getting to smoke hash with Urban Remo and his crew. They are amazing people and true cannabis professionals. I feel blessed that I get to be alongside so many great human beings and entrepreneurs. There are too many to name but you know who you are, and how much I appreciate you!

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