Is the Dynavap Dry Herb Vape Worth It? The Dynavap, for those who don’t know, is a battery-free dry herb vaporizer. According to their own description, the “battery-free dry herb vaporizer and has no electronic parts that can fail”. All you need is your weed, a lighter and your Dynavap. However, they recommend using a butane torch or induction heater for optimal results.


In my opinion, this device better for concentrates than flower because of the small oven. As a result, the Dynavap can hold a lot of cannabis concentrate but only a small amount of cannabis flower. One of the Dynavap’s best features is that the device clicks to let you know it’s hot enough to start using.

Quick Tokes

For my first use, I added a couple dabs worth of Indica wax from Blendcraft. Using a butane torch, it only took 15-20 seconds to heat the oven and hear the click. I plugged the airflow chamber and pulled away. The result was a large vape cloud that was flavourful but smooth. I did cough a little on the exhale, but only because I didn’t realize how much vapor I drew on the pull (a lot).

In my second use, I vaped a piece of Okanagan moon rock. For something thick like this, I recommend heating the oven another 3-5 seconds after the click to start vaping. Again, the vapor was smooth and tasted just like the moon rock is supposed to. I was able to go back for 5 or 6 draws until it needed a refill.


The Roach

Overall, the Dynavap works just like it is intended. My favorite thing about this battery-free dry herb vape, is that you can smoke any concentrate or flower that you like. Especially handy for people growing and pressing their own concentrates. The use of the device is very practical; fill, heat, puff, repeat. The Dynavap design is simple, functional and high-quality. Bonus points for the 10mm mouth piece that fits most bongs. Is the Dynavap Dry Herb Vape Worth It? I highly recommend picking one these up, you probably won’t be disappointed.
the cannman

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