After a bit of hiatus, we are back! We apologize for our absence (life, you know?) but the good news is, there was a big, fat, juicy OCS drop while we were gone! We figured what better way to get back at it then by taking a look at a couple of new products that we were excited to try and seeing how they stack up against one another. This week, we will be looking at Mood Ring’s Craft Golden Berry and Bold Growth’s Root Beer Float.

First lets hear the tale of the tape:

Bold Growth’s Root Beer Float is an indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage of XXX OG and Vanilla Kush. This strain comes in clocking an impressive 26-32% THC range and is hang-dried, slow cured and dry trimmed by hand.


Mood Ring’s Craft Golden Berry is an indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage of Kushberry x Afghani x Cherry Pie. This strain comes in swinging with a respectable 20-25% THC range. The Mood Ring site notes that this bud is carefully sourced, hang dried and handpicked.


So, without further adieu…

The Flower

JF: Let me start with the Root Beer Float. This stuff smelled unbelievable and had them out in the lead, right out of the gate. With bold notes of sweetness, hash and coffee, all I could think of was bourbon (p.s., I also like to booze it up). On the other hand, I found the Craft Golden Berry’s smell to be quite muted. I got some nice whiffs of what smelled like purple punch (likely its cherry pie lineage) but that was about it. The Golden Berry I received was also completely over-dried which may have contributed to the smell. Thoughts, Cannman?

CM: I agree with your “bold” assessment of Root Beer Float. The aroma when I slid the bag open was delectable. The sweet and somewhat bitter scent of chocolate and coffee, combined with dense flowers from top colas are bang on with it’s name. And since we are talking alcohol, it almost reminds me of a light stout (I too, occasionally, booze things up). I found the Craft Golden Berry to have a beautiful fruity aroma when I opened the “tuna” can. It’s my fault that Jonny Fry’s portion was over-dried with less aroma, as I it sat in the mail for a week. That being said, the flower was still more dry with less terpenes than I expected, especially after the Florida Citrus Kush (which may have been the best drop in the summer of 2021).

The Smoke

JF: I feel like Mood Ring’s Craft Golden Berry took a swing back when it came to the smoke. My batch had a nice minty/berry taste in the vape that I found quite pleasant. And it was a nice surprise, considering how dry the bud itself was. On the other hand, I found the Root Beer Float’s amazing smell didn’t transition into flavour as much as I had hoped. What’s your take Cannman, cause I wasnt expecting this turn of events at all…

CM: My thoughts exactly, Jonny Fry. The Golden Berry smoked quite a bit better than expected. The flavour of berry and mint definitely came through. And like JF said, the Root Beer Float was underwhelming on flavour. However, the smoke isn’t everything.


The High

JF: Well, I think this is where the Root Beer Float lands the knockout blow, sinks in the choke, grabs the arm, whatever analogy you want to use…This shit is strong! I was ripped. Can’t say I feel the same about the Craft Golden Berry. Need I say more? Cannman?

CM: Agreed, 100%, and then some (if, that’s possible). The batch of Root Beer Float came in over 30% THC and slapped me harder than Rick James. However, I felt that the Golden Berry actually hit me decently hard for a 20% strain with relatively low terps. Again, that could be due to my flower being more fresh or that I smoked it in a 1 gram blunt, straight to my face.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

The Roach

JF: For me, this is a no-brainer. I am going BOLD Growth’s Root Beer Float by first round KO. With a wonderfully strong and unique smell and sky rocketing high, this stuff takes the belt. Although today wasn’t Mood Ring’s day, here’s to hoping we see them get back up with a flower offering that can take them to the top (i.e. more Florida Citrus Kush for the love of god).

CM: This battle was fairly obvious from the start. Root Beer Float is definitely a winner. However, let’s not forget the distinct price difference as well ($45 RBF vs $30 CGB). That being said, Craft Golden Berry is a great budget option. My suggestion would be to use a hydro stone for 30-40 minutes to freshen it up, and you’re good to go!

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.