What’s What with Weed?! ‘Peanut Butter Mac’ Addition.

This week we review Peanut Butter Mac from BLK MKT. Will it live up to its “high” expectations? This strain is a cross between Peanut Butter Breath and Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC). Both delicious and smooth smoking strains when grown right.

Source: https://www.blk-mkt.ca/

The High

CM: When BLK MKT first dropped this strain in spring/summer of 2021, I could not get enough. It was the smoothest and tastiest pre-roll I could get my hands on. I was smoking 3-4 of the 1 gram cannons every week. But, is it really worth the $16 + HST price tag?

Yes. Yes it was. Almost every time. The high is so physically calming while still allowing me to function. I loved sparking these at the Toronto harbourfront, watching all of the people and boats go by. It helped create instant nostalgia for the summer of ’21.

JF: Now that you mention it, I think I joined you for one of these bad boys in the summer, Cann Man. Like hanging out with an old friend, this strong yet mellow, chilled out high is perfect for relaxing, so I dig what you are putting down.

Source: https://www.blk-mkt.ca/

The Smoke

CM: For the most part, these pre-rolls burn really smoothly; however, on occasion, I would get a pre-roll that wouldn’t burn as consistently as others. Sometimes the joint would canoe a little. A quick slap of saliva, and she was fixed. Gross, I know, but it’s an old tradition that still lives for a reason.

Otherwise, the ash was white, the flavour was sweet and savory and my brain was in it’s happy place. Even though the THC ranged from 19-22%, the flower hit a little above its weight class. Smokes like a 22-25% probably because of the terps.

JF: I also had a canoe issue with my most recent pre-roll but other than that, this is a premium product. The savory scent and flavour really stands out for me (anyone else a bit tired of the berry/citrus forward strains?) as although their are a ton of GMO strains kicking around, I feel like PBM is the reigning king of the savoury terp profiles currently on the OCS.

Source: dutchie.com

The Roach

CM: Since the summer, I have noticed the quality drop off a little bit. It seems like BLK MKT may have started to put more attention into their other strains. However, it’s still in my top 5 for Canadian drops of 2021. The high, the flavour and the smoothness of the smoke, all round out this incredible flower from BLK MKT. I really hope this thing keeps hitting, so I can create new memories in the future. Giving the phrase “return of the mac” a whole new meaning!

JF: I can’t say I have noticed such a drastic decline in the quality of PBM as you have Cann man but you make a great point. BLK MKT has seen quite a diversification of products over the past year or so (including PBM live rosin…hint, hint) which may be putting a strain on their growing processes and affecting the quality of the Cannabis. Who knows? What I do know is this weed rules so light up one of these pre-rolls, turn on some Mark Morrison and enjoy.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.


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