Hello fellow Cannaseurs and welcome to another addition of What’s What with Weed?! This week we are taking a dive into a product that any cold blooded Canadian can appreciate, Organic Maple Kush by The Green Organic Dutchman. As noted on TGOD’s website, Maple Kush is “a certified organic indica bud grown in living soil, getting its name from the maple syrup used to feed the soil it grows in.” For those asking, growing in “living soil” refers to a method of growing in which focuses on microbial life in the growing medium (soil) opposed to the addition of man-made nutrients. Essentially, microorganisms create a food web within the soil and creates a symbiotic relationship with the plants. Pretty cool if you ask us. For more details, check out wholegrow.com.

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Now, why this product you may ask? We have recently both become a lot more interested in the idea of organic cannabis cultivation (i.e. living soil) and how these organic growing techniques can influence different outcomes when harvesting (i.e. increased cannabinoid content, larger yields, etc.) and how does these outcomes translate to the customer (i.e. better product, higher or lower price, consistency of product, etc). While these questions are both interesting and relevant to this blog, they can’t be answered in a day and will require significant amounts of research, so maybe best left for another time. That being said, we can start looking at some new organic products to get the ball rolling and see how they stack up to the rest of the market.

The Flower

JF: Properly sealed in a glass jar, the buds I received were squishy but dense enough, very sticky with a nice dark green color and had a mild floral smell with a kushy finish that improved after a couple of days of rehydration with a new boost pack. The nugs were decently sized with my 3.5 grams coming in buds (two medium, two small). The trim wasn’t exactly pristine but wasn’t the worst I’ve seen from an OCS product at all. Thoughts Cannman? I would be interested to hear if our batches were of consistent quality.

CM: Consistent indeed! The flower is in these glass jars is most often 3-4 decent sized nugs. Another cool feature is the dark green, tinted glass that you can actually slightly see through. My only complaint is that the flower is a little more dry than I like, but as Jonny Fry said, a couple days with a hydro pack and it’s almost perfect.

Source: tgod.ca

The High

JF: I really loved the high off this bud. It was nice and strong, couch locked me and put me to sleep. I felt the high in my body and behind my eyes which is exactly what I am looking for from a night time Kush. Honestly, this reminded me of an old school AA-AAA Pink Kush from the black market days. Cannman?

CM: Absolutely. This stuff slaps as hard as Will Smith at the Oscars. Honestly, I was surprised by how hard it hit me. For THC in the 23-24% range it hits above it’s weight class. I found the high to last longer than the average as well, which was a bonus.

Source: tgod.ca

The Smoke

JF: I was not as impressed with the quality of smoke and taste on this item. I was really hoping this is where the organic growing techniques would shine. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The taste wasn’t all that pleasant (although nothing terrible) and the burn was fine at best. This may be an issue with the curing of the plant, as opposed to the growing techniques themselves but was a bit of a let down, none-the-less. I wouldn’t let this turn you off of this item but its not going to be a selling point either.

CM: I am with you on that Jonny, the taste was okay but nothing special. Although, the ash does burn nice and white for the most part; however, it was lacking something on the pallet. I was really hoping for maple and only got kush. Not the worst thing in the world, that’s for sure!

The Roach

JR: This isn’t bad weed by any stretch of the imagination. Its strong, smells decent, and although it doesn’t taste or burn the best, it’ll get the job done. My issue lies more with the price point. $39.99 is a bit steep for me but if you are a casual smoker, looking for a nighttime strain that isn’t going to blow through an HQ in a day like yours truly, this may be a good choice for you.

CM: I would say this is pretty good weed, for the high itself and duration of the buzz. However, not the most flavourful, but not the least either. Definitely has heavy indica effects that are perfect before bed or to just chill the F out. If you can get this at a reasonable price, give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

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