Yo, yo! It’s your boys, the Cann Man and Johnny Fry. April is finally here and the OCS dropped a huge batch of new cannabis strains in time for 4/20. One of the strains that caught our attention out of the gate was, Tommy’s Craft Grape Galena. And yes, the Tommy in Tommy’s Craft is the one and only, Tommy Chong.

Grape Galena is an indica dominant cannabis strain known to contain high levels of the cannabinoid, CBG (A.K.A. the “bliss molecule”). It’s genetics are a cross between (OG Kush Breath x Lost Sailor) and Platinum Kush. As per Mendo Cannabis Medical, the flower’s “silvery moon rock-like nugs are packed with caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene delivering big on cherry, sour berries and grape candy.”

The Flower

CM: The buds are medium to small in size with very dense hues of purple throughout. The nose on this flower is nothing like I have smelled before, it smells like red wine. And not hints of red wine either, this baby is all red wine. The nugs were also super fresh and it has that kinetic sand like texture out of the grinder. A cannabis snob might try to take some points away for the medium and small nugs, and as cool as large buds are, quality buds is what really matters, and this is all that.

JF: I agree, Cann Man. If anyone is complaining about size when trying this cannabis, they are missing the point. This bud smells and tastes awesome and will get you a strong buzz going. Thats the point.

Where I diverge from your experiece is smell. I did not get only a hint of red wine. As I enjoyed the smell I found myself thinking blueberry muffins. And not real blueberry smell. Like fake blueberry muffins you would buy at Costco. Weird. Anyway, everyone is different and whether you experience wine, blueberry muffin or both you are in for a treat.

Source: https://mendocannabis.ca/

The Smoke

CM: I really wanted to love this strain… and I do. The smoke on this matches the flower. On the pallet, I get all of the fruity grape goodness I hoped for. The flavour is very similar to Platinum Grapes from Organnicraft. The ash burned mostly white and I don’t have one bad thing to say about the smoke on this delicious flower, buds.

JF: I have a hard time getting strong flavours from Cannabis. Whether thats because I smoke too much or have had one too many cigarrettes in my day but whenever I get strong tasting Cannabis, I slow down and take notice. This stopped me right in my tracks. Grape all day. Great stuff.

Source: https://mendocannabis.ca/

The High

CM: I smoked half of a 1g joint on my walk to the Blue Jays game. I wanted to help ease my nerves of being in a building with 48,000 people for the first time in a few years. This was the perfect strain for it. I’m not sure if it was the CBG, but I was definitely blissful and calm. This is everything I want in an indica strain; calming, peaceful and it didn’t give me any couchlock.

JF: I really enjoyed the high on this also. I smoked a full gram and had a similar experience to you, Cann Man, except that I did get a ton of couch lock. So, all you novice smokers, take it easy on this strain as it sounds like it may put you in a hole the more you smoke.

Source: https://mendocannabis.ca/

The Roach

CM: Tommy’s Craft, Grape Galina is a must try! I am hoping that this is not just a limited batch run, as I want a lot more where this came from. The flower is beautiful, dense and purple, the smoke is smooth and tastes like grapes and the high is blissful. Come on! It does not get much better than this, especially at a reasonable $40 CAD for an eighth. Trust me, and pick some up ASAP!

JF: Listen to the Cann Man. Get some while you can. There is a ton to love. Fingers crossed that Tommy’s Craft keeps going with this strain and is able to maintain or increase this level of quality. If they do, we may have an early competitor for Best Flower of the Year on our hands.

Package Info

  • Packaged: 2022-02-28
  • Lot No.:159004MTDR
  • THC: 22.27%
  • Total Terpenes: 2.84%
  • CBG: 0.19%
  • CBGA: 1.82%
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry
The Cann Man & Jonny Fry

The opinions in this article are solely those of the Cann Man and Jonny Fry.